How to Get Tangles Out of a Synthetic Wig? Fixing Tangled Wig

Synthetic hair wigs over the course of time develop tangles which if not dealt right on time become too stubborn to get rid of. To prevent tangles destroying your synthetic wigs, treat them with DIY synthetic wig conditioner after you wash it. The conditioner keeps the wig soft & repels the static charge & cling. The same conditioner comes handy for detangling synthetic hair wigs.


The solution prepared for getting the tangles out of your synthetic wig is though made up of water and fabric softener like that of a DIY wig conditioner; it has ingredients in slightly different proportions.


  1. Mix fabric softener or alternatively a leave-in hair conditioner for a cost-effect version with water in 1:4 ratios respectively- 4 parts of water with 1 part of fabric softener. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle and shake it vigorously until you get a saturated solution.
  2. In a case of heavy tangles; fill the sink with cold water and add one cup of fabric softener. Submerge your synthetic wig into it and remove tangles using your fingers starting from tips to roots. Keep your hand motions slow and gentle. Key is to avoid being aggressive with your synthetic wigs. Let the wig remain in for extra 5 minutes after you have removed the tangled clumps out of your wig.
  3. Now take your wig out of the water and hang it. Lay it flat on a slab or table already lined with a cotton towel or a wrap. Drench water and let the towel absorbs every bit of it.
  4. Leave the wig to air dry by hanging it. (Do not hang it in direct sunlight).
  5. Spray it with the “detangling synthetic wig solution” you have already prepared in a light mist.
  6. Comb your wig with a wide-toothed comb and run through wig very softly and gently aiming to remove the knots.
  7. For long synthetic wigs; braid them or coil them to store.



Synthetic wigs can last up to a year provided you take good care of your wigs. A tangled wig looks messy and only dumps the amount you have invested in purchasing it. Store your synthetic wigs like a pro to avoid frizz & prevent it turning into a dishevelled husk.


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